Co-incidental Encounters Unbearable



-Everyone has secrets some deeper and darker than others-

Zadie has worked very hard to carry out her goal and is now on the brink of completing her residency program at NYU School of Medicine. But as content, as she is with her drive to complete her residency, she was in distress. Beneath her perfect demeanor, Zadie has been living a double life as a serial adulterer. Since then she faced many demons.

Zadie pays in full, with her life and leaves doors open for her sister Zamora to unravel the mysteries of Zadie’s past… Zamora is left with the memories of her sister after Zadie’s unexpected murder. Now she is forced to investigate new leads that will open her eyes to the many secrets and exposures of Zadie’s triple life.

Sit tight as this series takes you on a ride full of twists, turns, passion, and pain. Will Zamora find the person responsible for her sister’s death, or will she allow love to throw her for a loop.

You never know what lies beneath.